Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Junior was a man of astounding character Anchored and Taught by his mother Guided and Lead by his father. He was a child born into a family that held firm standards, had familial traditions and legacies, and raised children as a village.  By the time he reached college he was a strong, well-rounded, grounded man, and Leader. As a Leader he made profound changes in the world and brought on the Civil Rights Movement.

“Somewhere we must come to see that human progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitability. It comes through the tireless effort and the persistent work of dedicated individuals who are willing to be co-workers with God; and without this hard work, time itself becomes an ally of the primitive forces of social stagnation and irrational emotionalism. We must have time and we must realize that the time is always right to do right.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

All children have the potential to become Great Leaders. The Civil Rights Movement & The Women’s Liberation Movement opened the door for children to have access to greater opportunity no matter their sex or race.

Nonetheless it still relies upon Mothers & Fathers to cultivate & develop children through Teaching, Leading, Guiding, and Anchoring. Without a good foundation in life children have great difficulty building a life for themselves.

Martin Luther King Jr. Changed the World, His Parents Gave Him the Tools.

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Tough Times

We’re in a recession and people are jobless and losing their homes. The world seems to be becoming more and more dangerous. People are holding signs up downtown with words on them like, “it’s the end.” Talking heads across all the networks are talking about things as if they will never get better. The Republican debate Saturday probably prompted many people to start stressing out about another war, and the past mistakes of our Country.

It’s seems like we are all in Survival mode. Nobody seems to be living, and if they are we think it’s because they have nothing to worry about, no financial concerns, no health problems, and no debt,  and they must be rich and or perfect.

God does not want us to just survive. Just remaining alive and existing is not enough. God wants us to live abundantly. Yes in this earthly place things have been tougher in recent years, we have been at war for a while, are government has been dysfunctional, we been charging everything , and we’re drowning in debt but, We Still Have God.

No matter what is going on in the world, we need to flourish in our relationships with God and our families. Your children, your parents, and the rest of your friends and family need you to continue to grow spirituality and in your daily life. Yes the world is dragging its feet but you shouldn’t, God isn’t.

We have to remember that everything we need is in Christ. And in this time where people are merely surviving and existing please remember that we are to be the beacons of light in this darkness.

I hope that you can challenge yourself, your family, and friends to keep chasing the vision you have for your family, keep moving forward in the loving relationships in your lives, keep living and glorifying God, as Christians we know that this is just a season and we need to keep our lights burning so that others without it will be drawn closer to Him.

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. – Matthew 5:14-16

Growing Mama

A Child’s Walk

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” – Proverbs 22:6

Children rely upon their parents and the other adults in thier lives to teach them how they ought to live. They pick up on the things we do more often than they pick up on the things we say.

As a mother it is up to me to stay acutely aware of that fact. My behavior while driving, shopping, cleaning, socializing, and engaging with my child is creating neural pathways in her brain that will eventually become permanent. As she ages she will act based upon what I have shown her by behavior and allowed her to see in other people’s behavior.

Children are being trained and taught about life every second of their lives.

In the womb the moment thier little ears finished developing they began listening to our language. This listening continued after birth and within a few short months they were ready to make vocal sounds. Eventually these sounds started to mimic what we said to them, and by about one year of age or so  they are able to command us to act with the use of language.

Childhood is similar to the womb. The mother and father as well as others allowed into the child’s space imprint values, ideals, and beliefs about life. Once an adult the child relies upon those teachings  this is all she knows, “…she will not turn from it.”

Unborn children become walking and talking children. Children become walking & talking adults.  Our home is the womb where our children develop, let’s make it a home full of Christian Values so that when our children age that will imprint upon them, not the noise of the outside world.

Remember they have a path to walk just like we did, let’s have them start with the end in mind, God.

Growing Mama

A New Year

For Americans the New Year represents a new start, a new beginning, a fresh opportunity to change their lives. We set up goals, changes we want to make, and imagine ourselves 20lbs lighter by summer.

We do this because many of us have the understanding that the past year is a year we did not live well, it was not up to the standards we  have for ourselves. Maybe we promised ourselves a few things but never got around to making the changes. Maybe we promised our kids we would play with them more, but we never got around to it. Maybe we said that we would volunteer some time to but never did.

Things like that cause us to doubt ourselves, judge ourselves, and ultimately feel bad. The Good News is this New Year or middle of the old one you can start fresh.

He wants us. Failures, liars, promise breakers, cheaters, short cut taking, lazy, selfish, sinners, He wants us still.

“If you’ve messed up just turn to God,” Pastor Jason Light House Christian Center.

Just do your part, follow Him, Live his way.

The messier the life, the greater the testimony, the bigger miracle the person can be to the next person.

He loves cracked pots, because through them He can shine.

Take this New Year to Ask Him to Forgive You and start Fresh a New Soul in Him.

Growing Mama

Growing at Home

A new year is coming and I have plenty to do. A lot of things have been changing in my home life and in my relationship with my future husband. There are always a lot of things a young couples have to talk about before uniting for life.

It’s good to understand what each one wants from the other, and so our deep and serious talks have begun. One particular conversation today has stuck with me and I have decided to incorporate into my entry tonight.

I am fairly young, and not the best cook or housekeeper. This truth does not match up to the ideal that my Future Husband expects me to meet.Which is good housekeeper and cook. This is where I am going to have to grow and in my growing  my daughter shall sprout !

I have decided to spend  2012 honing these new goals. I plan on accomplishing this by creating a cleaning schedule  and menu, practicing plenty of new meals, shopping  with a list, and having my little one learn right beside me.

We talked about other things a well, next year I’ll get into that a little bit deeper. For now though I list some of my goals for the New Year.

1. Learn to Keep House Better

2. Cook with Joy & Love

3. Blog Weekly

4. Run 2 Miles 3 Days A Week

5. Let God Guide Me

6. Have a Bit More Fun

Happy New Year Everyone

Growing Mama


The last few years have been financially difficult  for many of us. Christmas in our society (USA) is dominated by commercials, sales, and being a consumer.  We have learned to see Christmas for what it really is about, not for what advertising agencies and pop culture have taught it is.

Christmas is about Him, his birth, and the Gift of his life to us. In our home we also tie giving into our celebration of Christmas.

We do not go overboard. We give to those in need, we give to our child, and we give to each other. We send cards, we write letters, we give thanks, we give love. Christmas is about loving each other, loving our families, loving of friends, loving the world, and loving God.

Gratefulness, Thankfulness,  Love

Focus on Him & Love Today

Merry Christmas & God Bless

Growing Mama

Gift Giving

This time of year people are running all over the place looking for the “perfect gift.”

Spending money on “stuff” while racing around like a chicken with its head cut off seeking the “perfect gift” is just not the way I prefer to spend the Christmas Season.

Thankfulness is the season that we are in, it’s a season that lasts all year-long.

A few years ago consumption was what we did a long with millions of other families across the states, but today that is just no longer possible for many people. For us this impossibility began some time ago, and so we have had the opportunity to grow into it, accept it, and see it as a blessing.

At first we saw the lack of money as an incredible set back. We moved, we downsized, and we’ve been living within our means.  Today we know that no matter how much income we make in the future, we will value what we have, consume less, and all around live better, more conscious lives.

Our daughter was asked recently by Santa, an Aunt, an Uncle, and her Grandmother what she would like for Christmas, to each she replied, “pajamas and cooking mama.”

As parents we were a little taken aback that she would only ask for two things totaling about $25 from Target. But we realized that it had to do with what we have been teaching her about consumption, world poverty, and what it means to be Christian.  She feels that because so many have so little she would be satisfied with just two things and she was able to give up a prized toy to another child and that also made us quite happy.

A Gift does not have to be a thing bought at a store. We all have something that we can give as a Gift to all those around us.

We can give Love because God loved us First.

Growing Mama

Sprouting Child

Children soak up everything around them. Their imagination is innocent and wild. They run gleefully around without a worry in the world. They feel safe and secure because of the Anchors and Guides in their lives.

Our society is not perfect. It does not protect children sufficiently from inappropriate media, consumerism, unhealthy food, unrealistic ideas, or immoral behavior. It also fails to teach them things like charity, love, hope, and kindness. There are many beautiful things here in our society but there are also a lot of ugly things too.

As Mothers we need to be sufficiently aware of this fact. Our children rely upon us to teach and guide them long into their adult years. Not just 0-18, but until our deaths and even after our deaths, what we taught them will still be with them.

Legacy is usually used in reference to great wealth or fame. For us though, it means something much more valuable than that. It means leaving our children with all the tools and confidence needed to live Good healthy lives. Our goal is to leave a legacy the would give them personal responsibility, empathy, kindness, a sense of justice, fairness, and a relationship with God. All the things they need to be amazing people contributing to the many beautiful changes happening in the world.

Growing Mama

A Journey

A family is a growing tree of life, love, and faith. As mother I am the Anchor and a Nurturer, teaching the life lessons that last forever. It is up to me to build the foundation for her to crawl, stand, walk, and eventually build her identity upon.

In order to do this I have to grow as a christian,  as a woman, and as a mother. We all have to. Life is not static. It moves, changes, flows, and breathes. Everyday I change, so does she, and so do you. Life can be difficult if we view it as a stable, concrete, thing, it isn’t.

We grow because that is the one truth that we all know to well. Change comes in the form of the Good and the Bad. Lost jobs, broken hearts, births, deaths, joy, hope, sorrow, and love. It all comes racing non-stop without fail.

The question is, do you know where you are going? Because where you go your child and family are sure to follow necessarily. If you do not know where you going it is important to find out.

When you do not know where you are going someone else is making that decision for you and your family, whether the forces behind the wave pushing your family along are the media, random people, good, bad or ugly is something to figure out and change.

A family is an evolving living thing. A place were children are raised, taught about the world,  and introduced to God. Mothers are the Anchor and fathers are the Guides. What your family seeks determines where it goes.  Growing Mama Sprouting Child is about that Journey.

What is your family seeking? Who is guiding your family? Who is your family’s anchor? Where is your family going?

In order to be a Nurturer and Anchor and or Guide, we mother’s have to grow in order for our children to sprout from the soil we have sown with conscious intent.

Growing Mama