Anchor & Guide

Anchors fall to the bottom of the sea and bury themselves into the sediment until it is time to let go, when the boat is ready to move forward.

Guides assist others in reaching destinations they are in need when traveling in unfamiliar  and unknown places.

Parents were once children, but they were not once adults. It is up to parents to take on the roles as Anchors & Guides for their children and for their partners.

If our parents did not teach us, we must teach our children in order to end the cycle of loss, confusion, and lack of fulfilment that many adults today are experiencing.

It is up to us to leave a legacy of knowledge & wisdom. Each generation should receive information handed down from their ancestors about how they should live life, what to avoid, and what to grab hold to.

As Anchors & Guides you will teach your children so that they may suffer less than you did, and so that their children will suffer less than they.

Family & God represent the two constants that should always be in a child’s life. They provide safety, security, and guidance.

Growing Mama


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