A family is an evolving living thing. A place were children are raised, taught about the world,  and introduced to God. Mothers are the Anchor and Fathers are the Guides. What your family seeks determines where it goes.  We hope to make mothers aware of their role as Anchor and or Guide in the lives of their children and within their families. Growing Mama Sprouting Child hopes to empower Mama’s with inspiring stories, tools, and ideas as well as practical solutions for home life to help them Guide, Anchor, and Seek out the Good they want for themselves and thier families. In order for children to sprout a mama has to grow.

4 responses to “Purpose

  1. Love the concept of your site. I’ve never heard the role of a mother and father expressed that way. What a great way to illustrate our different roles.

    • This isn’t a plug. Well I guess it is but I still mean what I’m about to say. My wife has a blog called women embracing the call. It’s linked at my blog. She has a similar concept but directed more to women. It might be something you’d enjoy. Seriously, this wasn’t just a shameless plug:)

      • Growing Mother Sprouting Child

        Thanks. I like her site. It’s really inspirational 🙂 Definitely, not a shameless plug.

    • Growing Mother Sprouting Child

      Thanks. I am happy that you understood it, I was hoping it came off well.

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