Growing Mama: Caring for Yourself is Great for Your Family

I have a little extra weight around my middle section and occasionally I have a midnight snack consisting of salty and or sweet snacks. Case in point the warm cookies and vanilla ice cream above 🙂

Even with these bad habits I pack healthy lunches for and prepare healthy meals for my family. I offer my child fruit, yogurt, or a slice of bread with Nutella for a snack.  I on the other hand down packs and packs of fruit snacks, ice cream, and cook fatty meals for myself while she is in school.

I schedule her medical and dental appointments like clockwork. I manage her asthma and allergies like a pro.  I think I am an excellent Mama when it comes to her health but when it comes to me I am would grade myself a BIG FAT F!

I think many parents do this to themselves, we put ourselves at the bottom of the list. Our physical health though is very important to our families. We have to care for ourselves. We have to show them that we are caring for ourselves, that we can do both care for our families and our own bodies.

Not caring for health as Mamas lead to many things including:

1) Loss of Energy

2)Loss of Creativity & Brain Power

3)Poor Body Image

4) Depression

5) Various Health Problems

6) Teaches Children that Caring for their Bodies is not Valuable or Worthwhile

I have decided to Grow a little bit. I had a new years resolution to run. For years I have imagined myself running in a major marathon, but looking down at myself right now, I know that I am no shape to run not even to the end of the block.

Amazingly though I noticed an article on the Real Simple Magazine Website written by Rachel Shelasky titled “How to Start Running.”

I am going to Grow a little bit and start running with this article and in doing so I will teach my child multiple lessons including how to run, how to take care of herself physically, how to be a better mom, and countless other lessons I will only see when as she Sprouts.

What area of your personal health and well being do you need to Grow in?

Growing Mama


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